FAIRMONDE™ Golf Clinics

Fore! Ready to step up your golf game? Join our golf clinics and learn from the best.
At FAIRMONDE™, we're dedicated to nurturing talent and fostering a supportive community of golfers.
Whether you're a beginner looking to perfect your swing or a seasoned player aiming to refine your skills, our clinicsoffer personalized coaching and expert guidance. Join us on the green for a fun-filled experience and take your game to new heights.

See you on the fairways!


To bring 1,000 new golfers by July 2025 and create an inclusive community of support and enthusiasm. We’ll be your faithful companion on this remarkable journey, join us in redefining what it means to be a golfer and together, we will conquer the fairway, one stroke at a time.



Jacqueline Lau

With over two decades of experience in golf, encompassing training,
competitions, and now a certified golf instructor, Jacqueline is a
remarkable coach dedicated to help golfers to shine on the fairway. Her journey from a beginner to an accomplished instructor has provided her with invaluable insights into the sport.Jacqueline enjoys interacting with the golf community and inspiring connections among like-minded individuals. She understands the transformative power of golf and is committed to dynamically adapting her teaching methods to foster continuous growth in her students. Jacqueline’s ability to blend her students’ true values with their practice is a testament to her
unwavering dedication.

Golf Coach

Sarah Fuller

Since embarking on her teaching journey in 2015, Sarah has been resolute in empowering others through golf. Her dedication to expanding the reach of the sport has seen her lead engaging golf clinics, dynamic summer camps, and inspiring classes. Sarah’s fervor for growing the game has been ingrained in her since a young age, fueling her unwavering commitment to sharing its joys and benefits with others.

As an instructor, Sarah understands the impact golf can have beyond the boundaries of the course. She sees it as a vehicle for personal growth, fostering discipline, resilience, and camaraderie. Through her teaching, she aims to instill these values in her students, empowering them to navigate challenges both on and off the fairway.