“One woman alone is powerful, together we’re impactful.
FAIRMONDE™ is about creating a supportive community
for women to experience the greatest game of all time.”

– Jacqueline Lau, FAIRMONDE Co-founder

Our Company

FAIRMONDE™ stands at the forefront of a movement, where style, sophistication, and performance intertwine seamlessly.
Rooted in a vision to redefine the boundaries of women's golf apparel, FAIRMONDE™ embodies a spirit of authenticity and enduring elegance.
Our journey began in 2022, sparked by the vision of co-founders Jacqueline and Joanne, two trailblazers united in their mission
to empower women in the sport they love. Their passion, dedication, and innovative ideas led to the birth of the name
"FAIRMONDE," representing our mission and values.


What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to quality, sustainability, and authenticity. From the fairways to the clubhouse, FAIRMONDE™ is synonymous with effortless style and uncompromising performance. Our collections blur the lines between sportswear and fashion, offering a fresh perspective on golf culture and inspiring women to embrace the game with confidence and grace.


We are proud of what we do at FAIRMONDE™. Our commitment to reshaping the game of golf extends beyond the fairways, embracing inclusivity, nurturing future players, and empowering women. With every purchase, we contribute to underserved communities and environmental causes.