Our Founders

Inspired by a shared belief in equality and opportunity, our co-founders Jacqueline and Joanne embarked on a journey to redefine golf. With backgrounds spanning finance, sports, creative, branding, and business, they united to champion women's empowerment and challenge gender inequality in the sport.
Their mission? To revolutionize the perception of golf, starting with women's apparel. From there, their vision extends to elevating female events and athletes, ensuring they receive the recognition they deserve. Ultimately, their goal is to forge a brand that not only drives progress but also fosters a future where golf is inclusive and prejudice-free.

"Golf is a game of honor and integrity. It builds character and teaches you life lessons in endurance and resilience. Even as a non-sporty type, I was immediately drawn into the world of golf because of these very traits."

As avid female golfers, both me and my partner Jacqueline,have experienced inequality in the game. We feel the need to create a supportive community and we hope our brand becomes that powerful platform for change and positive impact to the industry. There are so many things we can do to support females in the golf industry as well as our next generation of young players.
We want to create something different, to produce golf apparel made with innovative technology but also made through a sustainable and environmentally-conscious approach. We are doing this not only for Mother Earth but also for our future generation. We know that this is our responsibility as an apparel brand and we would like to influence our peers to do so too.

This is more than just a simple project to develop and sell apparel. It is about challenging ourselves to step out of our comfort zone and constantly grow, just like in the game of golf, as well as in life. The Fairway is a Golfer’s Runway and by wearing FAIRMONDE™, we want ladies to shine with confidence in the game.

There is a saying that goes, "Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots, you get good breaks from bad shots, but you have to play the ball where it lies, as it is with how life goes on."

My life has always revolved around golf since I was young, it has given me so many opportunities in my education, career and in life. With a golf scholarship to study in the US, job opportunities abroad as well as back home, and now creating my very own golf apparel brand.
More than just apparel, FAIRMONDE™ is about giving an opportunity for women from all walks of life to experience the game of golf in a fun
environment without feeling intimidated by a male-dominated sport. I have often experienced gender inequality in the game. Tournament goodie bags only give out male-sized shirts, and female winnings are always paid less than the amount of male winnings despite playing in the same field.

This gap has discouraged females from participating in the game.Ever since volunteering at the First Tee Fort Worth USA event in 2015, my heart was set on growing the game for today's generation of women golfers. I have always enjoyed giving back to the golf community.

“One woman alone is powerful, together we’re impactful.” FAIRMONDE™ is about creating a supportive community for female of all ages to experience the greatest game of all time.