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Brand Focus

We're Proud of What We Do

Growth of the Game

Reaching beyond industry boundaries to diminish any intimidation and discrimination, FAIRMONDE™ is a powerful platform where women from all walks of life can connect, inspire and support one another in their shared passion for golf. Our network is an inclusive community that involves collabs with influencers and high-profile women golfers, helping to open doors to a wider audience.

Supporting the Future Generation

Giving back is woven into the business and operations of FAIRMONDE™. For every purchase made, portions of our earnings is donated to environmental associations and non-profit organizations to support underserved communities and our future generation.

Women Empowerment

FAIRMONDE™ is about empowering women to excel in an inherently male-dominated sport. Our philosophy of inclusivity, sustainability and equality focuses on positively impacting people, our environment and ultimately, the game. This is our platform to inspire achievement and transformation, where we set the foundation and pave a smoother path for our next generation of women golfers.


Let’s all make informed choices and protect our planet for our future generation.

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Gender Equality, Inclusivity, Diversity


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