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What’s in our name? Honestly, we get asked that a lot. If we’re diving into the technicalities, our name is composed of two simple, yet equally symbolic words that personifies what we’re all about. 
Fair, derived from the word ‘fairway’ (which in golfing terms is defined as the stretch between the tee box and the green) is the closely mown area most ideal for landing that perfect shot. For us, this is the zone where ‘fair game’ comes to play.

Monde meaning ‘world’ in French, is the orb or jewel situated at the very top of a crown where the half arches meet. To us, this represents the world we would build where our community can flourish and shine. 
Put together, our name, FAIRMONDE™ knows no barriers. It stands for our commitment, reminding us that we are at the precipice of change. Like we’re about to start a course that will transform the face of golf to reflect the rich diversity of the world we live in. 

Sounds pretty idyllic, doesn’t it? Are we painting a picture too unrealistically optimistic? Have we somehow set our sights too high? The fact that golf continues to be accused of being too white, male-dominated, elderly, expensive, time-consuming, and generally out of step in an increasingly inclusive world leaves us to believe that--yes, we do indeed have our work cut out for us. 

So, where do we even begin? As avid golfers ourselves who genuinely love the game, we wanted more people (especially women) from all walks of life to experience golf without prejudice. From fresh-faced beginners to seasoned pros, girl bosses to grad students, we want our brand to speak to the tone of a new breed of women golfers who are already out there, each one ever-so-ready to set roots in a game of class and dignity. 

Our first order of business with FAIRMONDE™, was to rebrand the image of golf, starting with women’s golf apparel. As with all fashion trends, women’s golf wear has greatly evolved over the last 470 years. I mean, we’re not just talking hemlines and colours here. Women back then had to put up with clothing restrictions and dress codes that were not only uncomfortable and unfashionable, but also completely limited their movement and performance. Of course, we’re not the only progressive women’s golf wear label around. There are countless others that have come before us and many more like-minded brands continue to pop up, each one more unique than the next. These brands, like us, offer technical and fashionable golf apparel that motivate women to express their individuality and move with confidence.

We live for it.

Speaking of confidence, our brand is fueled by it. We live for it. Like the educated modern women who epitomizes the ‘work hard, play harder’ mantra, we’re driven by their energy and passion to achieve both physical and inner strength. It isn’t easy to survive in today’s fast-paced, dog-eat-dog world, let alone thrive in it. But our fearless women golfers are living proof that we can achieve balance not just at work and in life but also with our health, too. We just have to set our minds to it.  
This mindset is all about the blurring of lines between sportswear and fashion apparel, which has inevitably set a trend for golf culture to be perceived as part of an active and healthy lifestyle. Seriously, who doesn’t like multitasking? We think, anything ‘multi’ is always a plus. Basically, we want clothes that women wear not just for a few hours out on the golf course, but continue to wear even when they get off-course to have lunch, to go to the office and pretty much anywhere else without feeling out of place or out of style. This is what we specialize in--women’s golf apparel that can be seamlessly worn both on- and off-course in a versatile aesthetic that combines technology and performance with style and sophistication. 

√  Tested and Manufactured in Italy 

√  Tech & Aesthetic 
√  Ethically Responsible 
To achieve this perfect blend, we tirelessly obsess over fit, materials, and quality, without compromising our environment because as much as we want our girls to look good and feel great, we do not want to do it at the expense of our planet. From premium Italian-made textiles manufactured through low emissions, to eco-friendly materials made from recycled plastic and yarn, we’re constantly finding new ways to improve and do better to minimize our carbon footprint. Not only that, we also won’t work with just anybody. Call us selective or picky or whatever. Bottom line is, we only work with people and companies who are also striving towards a sustainable future. So it makes sense that we only partner with the industry’s best like the world’s leading thread company, Coats

From a business perspective, we can easily cut costs by skimping on quality, to boost sales frequency. But that’s just not us. Instead, we believe in producing higher quality garments to extend the life of each piece. Our hope is for our consumers to make informed choices--to know that every FAIRMONDE™ apparel that they own helps to protect our planet for our future generation. 

 "To Inspire, To Connect, To Learn, To Share, To Grow, To Love, To Accept"

Just as important, beyond fashion and trends, we also want our strong women golfers to choose us for our community-based culture that supports, connects and invokes a sense of belonging that adds meaningful value to their lives. In many ways, we created FAIRMONDE™ with very specific goals in mind--much of which includes elevating the visibility of women in golf, inspiring achievement and transformation, and setting a foundation that will pave a smoother path for our next generation of women golfers.

Support Future Generation

Through our foundation, we aim to raise funds alongside organizations with shared goals to increase participation and representation of girls in minority groups and underserved communities. Only when young girls see someone that looks like them will they feel confident and comfortable enough to jump in and try something different. This is the change factor we are proud to make happen. Quite frankly, this is also the hardest part for us and admittedly, we’re a bit scared. But as they say, nothing worth doing is ever easy. So no matter how nerve-racking or challenging the path ahead may get, we’ll always have our name to remind us why we started this journey in the first place.  


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