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15 Most Stylish and Comfortable Golf Gloves for Women

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Having the right golf gloves is important for a comfortable and confident swing. Golf gloves not only provide a better grip on the club, but they also offer protection and prevent blisters. And let's not forget about the added style factor they bring to your golfing attire. After all, looking good on the golf course is part of the game. In this article, you'll find a comprehensive analysis of the best golf gloves for women that can enhance your overall golfing experience, regardless of whether you're a beginner or an experienced player. 

How Do I Choose The Right Golf Gloves For Me?

When choosing the right golf gloves for yourself, there are several factors to consider. Here are some key points to help you make an informed decision:

1. Size and Fit

It is important to find gloves that fit your hands properly. The glove should fit snugly without being too tight or loose. A properly fitting glove will allow for better grip and control over the club. Avoid any loose material on the palm or around the fingers, as it may affect your grip.

2. Material

Golf gloves are typically made of leather or synthetic materials. Leather gloves, particularly those made of cabretta leather, are popular due to their durability, grip, and ability to conform to the shape of your hand. Synthetic gloves, on the other hand, are often more affordable and offer excellent breathability and durability.

3. Grip and Feel

The grip and feel of the gloves play a crucial role in maintaining control over your shots. Look for gloves with rough palms or extra gripping features to enhance your hold on the club.

4. Weather Conditions

Consider the climate and weather conditions you will be playing in. Some gloves are specifically designed for warm weather, while others provide insulation for colder temperatures. Choose gloves that suit the climate you will be playing in to ensure optimal comfort and performance.

5. Personal Preference

Ultimately, the choice of golf gloves will also come down to your personal preference. Take into account factors such as style, brand reputation, and any specific features that you prioritize.


15 Most Stylish and Comfortable Golf Gloves for Women
1. TaylorMade Women’s Kalea 

Price: $14.99

The TaylorMade 2019 Kalea Ladies Golf Glove is known for its exceptional performance and comfort, providing a soft feel that is highly favored by professional golfers.

What sets this glove apart? Let's take a closer look. It is crafted from the highest quality AAA Cabretta Soft Tech Leather, offering an exceptional grip on the club.

But grip is just one aspect. The glove also features a 4-way stretch nylon insert that ensures an optimal fit and maximum comfort. Imagine a glove that feels like a second skin, allowing you to move smoothly and flexibly. This glove truly has you covered.

Now, let's discuss airflow. We all understand the importance of staying cool on the golf course, especially during those hot summer rounds. That's why the TaylorMade Kalea Ladies Golf Glove incorporates strategically placed perforated leather for improved ventilation.

And finally, let's not forget about the contoured fit wrist band with moisture-wicking capabilities. This feature combines fashion with function by providing a snug fit while helping to keep sweat at bay. After all, nobody wants a slippery grip, right?


  • Comfortable fit, even for those with shorter fingers 
  • Provides great grip and comfort on the course 
  • Breathable material that is suitable for all seasons 
  • Easy to take on and off 
  • Durable and long-lasting 


  • Runs small, so it’s recommended to order a size up
  • Limited to right-handed players
2. Callaway Golf Glove
Golf Glove | Women
Price: 19.63

The Callaway Women's Tour Authentic golf glove is a great choice for female golfers who are looking for performance and comfort.

Let's start with the material. This glove is made from high-quality Cabretta leather, providing a fit and feel that resembles a second skin. It offers a tailored fit, giving you the sensation that it was custom-made just for you. The grip performance is outstanding, thanks to the Griptac compound infused in the leather. This technology increases tackiness by 20%, ensuring a secure and confident hold on the club.

We all know how hot and sweaty it can get out there, especially during those scorching summer days. Luckily, the Callaway Women's Tour Authentic is designed to address this issue. Engineered perforations in the glove help reduce moisture and increase breathability. Additionally, the Opti Dry Cuff acts like a personal moisture-wicking superhero. It swiftly reduces wetness, keeping your hands comfortable and dry, even in humid conditions.

But that's not all. The Opti Fit Perforated Adjustable Closure adds another level of comfort and support. Its design ensures a secure and breathable fit so that you can concentrate on your game without any distractions. With this glove, you won't have to worry about slipping or movement issues during your swing. It provides you with pure confidence and control.


  • Moisture reduction capability
  • Made of premium material 
  • Has an adjustable closure


  • Not comfortable for chubby hands
3. Bionic Women's ReliefGrip Golf Glove
golf glove | women
Price: $25.60

When it comes to golfing on hot days, finding the right balance of maintaining your cool while keeping a solid grip on your golf club can be challenging. Fortunately, there's a solution that can help– The FootJoy Women's StaCooler Golf Gloves!

These gloves are truly a game-changer, and here's why. They are equipped with Aloe Vera leather technology, which offers a range of benefits. Not only does it keep your hands dry, cool, and incredibly comfortable throughout your entire round, but it also adds a touch of luxury with its subtle Aloe Vera aroma.

However, the advantages of these gloves don't stop there. They are also highly regarded for their exceptional comfort, providing a snug fit that feels great in your hand. Every swing will feel effortless and unrestricted. And let's not forget about the grip – these gloves deliver outstanding performance in that department. With their well-designed grip, you can bid farewell to any worries about slipping or sliding mishaps affecting your game.

In addition, the outer surface of these gloves features a breathable and elasticized mesh material. This mesh covers the knuckles and fingers, enhancing the overall fit and flexibility of the glove. Not only will you look like a pro on the fairway, but you'll also feel like one too.


  • Great comfort and flexibility
  • Provides extraordinary fit with adjustable closure
  • It comes with fantastic durability
  • Can improve the grip performance
  • Feels very soft


  • It tends to become dirty with color leeching on gloves
  • Suitable for warm climates, for fall and winter, you may need another glove

    4. Zero Friction Ladies Compression Fit Gloves
    Golf gloves | women
    Price: $18.20

    The Zero Friction Ladies Compression-Fit Synthetic Golf Glove come in a convenient two-pack, providing you with a spare glove for those unexpected situations. And the best part? They offer great value without compromising on quality, making them an affordable option to consider.

    Now, let's delve into the features that make these gloves stand out. The white mesh Lycra material not only enhances breathability, allowing your hands to stay cool during your rounds, but it also ensures a snug and comfortable fit. The addition of an extra palm patch increases both durability and comfort, ensuring that these gloves can withstand many rounds of play without causing any distractions.

    But what truly sets these gloves apart is the inclusion of a detachable tee and ball marker. This convenient feature means that you'll always have a tee and ball marker readily available at your fingertips. No more fumbling around in your bag or pockets – the little things that can truly make a big difference out on the course.

    To summarize, the Zero Friction Ladies Compression-Fit Synthetic Golf Glove offers practicality, value, and performance. With its two-pack design, affordable pricing, breathable material, and thoughtful additions like the detachable tee and ball marker, these gloves are definitely worth considering in your search for the perfect golf glove.


    • 2 pack of golf gloves
    • Unique color selection
    • Lyrca material for a better fit
    • Tee and ball marker included
    • Compression fit technology


    • Not as thin as some of the most premium gloves

    5. Cobra Pur Tech Glove

    Golf Glove | Women

    Price: $18.60 

    Let's dive into the features of the Cobra Pur Tech Glove that make it a standout choice for golfers.

    First and foremost, these gloves prioritize comfort and breathability. Crafted with a softer Cabretta leather of superior grade, they provide a luxurious feel that wraps your hands in pure comfort. And the best part? They come in a range of colors, allowing you to match them to your golf outfit and express your personal style on the green.

    But it's not just about aesthetics. The Cobra Pur Tech Glove is designed with your comfort in mind. Strategic placement of Lycra and perforations ensures optimal airflow, keeping your hands cool and dry throughout your entire round. The contoured wristband and 4-way stretch mesh contribute to a snug and secure fit, giving you the confidence to swing with ease.

    Let's not overlook the 360 thumb feature. This innovative design allows for a complete range of motion, enabling you to grip your club with fluidity and finesse. No more feeling restricted or held back during your swing – with the Cobra Pur Tech Glove, you can unleash your full potential.

    Now, let's talk about the strategically placed micro-perforations. These small but mighty details enhance breathability even further, bidding farewell to sweaty palms and welcoming a cool and comfortable grip. Additionally, a knit insert helps control moisture and ensures your hands stay dry, even in intense playing conditions.


    • Breathable mesh material 
    • Has a soft leather
    • Offers a consistent fit 
    • Has premium trims for an upgraded look


    • Needs care to prevent from getting dirty due to lighter shades 

     6. Women’s Dawn Patrol Glove
    Golf Glove | Women
    Price: $11.99

    If you're in search of a golf glove that offers exceptional performance, durability, and comfort, let me introduce you to the Callaway Women's Dawn Patrol Glove. This glove is crafted with a premium all-leather construction, providing a remarkable feel and fit that can make you feel like a pro on the course.

    One notable feature of the Dawn Patrol glove is its thoughtfully designed perforations on the top of the hand and fingers. These perforations serve multiple purposes – they help keep moisture away and enhance breathability, ensuring that your hands remain dry and comfortable even on hot days.

    Another feature worth mentioning is the Opti Fit™ adjustable closure system. This innovative system delivers a thin, light, and secure fit that stays in place throughout your swing, giving you the confidence to maintain a precise and controlled grip on your club.

    Let's not overlook the stretch binding cuff of the Dawn Patrol glove. In addition to providing a secure feel, it also absorbs moisture, offering you an extra layer of comfort and grip as you navigate the challenges of the course.


    • The glove is made of premium leather, which offers a soft feel and durability 
    • The perforations on top of the hand and fingers increase breathability, making it comfortable to wear on hot days 
    • The Opti Fit adjustable closure system and the stretch binding cuff provide a secure fit around the wrist 
    • The perforated palm improves the tackiness, making the club feel secure in the hand and giving you maximum confidence as you swing a club 
    • The glove is reasonably priced and offers good value for money 


    • The glove does not come with a ball marker attached 
    • The glove is not designed for wet or cold conditions 

    7. WoSofe Women’s Golf Gloves
    Golf Gloves | Women
    Price: $17.90

    When it comes to golf gloves, the primary function is to improve your grip with the club. However, the WoSofe Golf Glove offers a combination of style and functionality. These gloves come in a variety of colors, allowing you to match them with your personal style. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant colors or more understated tones, you're sure to find a WoSofe Golf Glove that suits you.

    In addition to its stylish design, the WoSofe Golf Glove is also made with high-quality materials that deliver a comfortable and snug fit. This feature ensures that you can focus on your swing rather than any discomfort. And, since the WoSofe Golf Gloves are available in a range of sizes, every golfer can find the perfect fit. After all, a poorly fitted glove can add unnecessary frustration to your game.


    • Not slip grip
    • Ventilation in the fingers
    • Available in several patterns
    • Sold as a pair 


    • Not all golfers want to wear a glove on both hands

    8. Footjoy Contour FLX

    Golf Glove | Women

    Price: $14.99

    The FootJoy Contour FLX golf glove offers an impressive contoured easy fit. With its 3-directional secure closure, you can say goodbye to concerns about your glove slipping off during your swing. This glove molds to your hand, providing a natural and comfortable feel that resembles a custom-made fit. It's like finding the perfect pair of jeans that hug your body in all the right places.

    Now, let's address a common issue that many golfers face: sweaty palms. We all know how unpleasant and distracting that can be. But fear not— the FootJoy Contour FLX glove has a solution. Along the knuckles, you'll find a breathable power net mesh. This feature not only keeps your hands cool but also enhances the fit and flexibility of the glove. It's like a refreshing breath of air for your hands, allowing you to focus on your game without worrying about your grip on the club.

    We can't overlook the significance of the glove's material. The FootJoy Contour FLX is crafted with soft, premium Cabretta leather, guaranteeing a supple feel. It's like wearing a glove that has been dipped in a fluffy cloud, but with the added benefits of style and enhanced grip.


    • Offers satisfactory performance
    • Amazing size consistency
    • Softer to feel
    • Flexible mesh, assuring a better hand movement


    • Could be a bit tighter around the fingers

    9. Under Armour Tour Cool Golf Glove 


    Golf Glove | Women | Under Armour
    Price: $17.00

    The Under Armour Tour Cool Golf Glove is designed to provide a balanced combination of flexibility, comfort, and maximum grip for golfers.

    One of the notable features of this glove is the UA CoolSwitch technology. This interior coating is specifically engineered to draw heat away from your skin, ensuring that sweaty palms become a thing of the past even on hot days. With this glove, your hands will remain cool and comfortable, giving you an advantage on the course.

    In addition to its performance benefits, this glove offers a cozy feel. The use of soft Cabretta leather contributes to a comfortable and durable experience, while also providing reliable grip. Say goodbye to concerns about your club slipping out of your hand mid-swing – this glove will keep everything secure.

    Furthermore, the glove incorporates micro perforations to enhance ventilation. This means improved airflow and breathability, allowing your hands to feel fresh throughout your game. With the added benefit of moisture-wicking material, you can enjoy your game without worrying about gloves saturated with sweat.


    • The glove is made of Tour Cool fabric that wicks sweat away from your hand to keep it cool during your swing 
    • It provides optimal grip and helps secure the club in your hand during your backswing and follow-through 
    • It is durable and provides excellent protection against blisters and callouses 
    • It keeps your hand dry and prevents your fingers from wrinkling and becoming numb 


    • The glove has a short lifespan and may wear out quickly if you perspire a lot 
    • It may take some time to break in 
    • It may not be ideal for short game 

    10. FootJoy Women's WeatherSof Golf Glove
    golf gloves | women | footjoy

    Price: $15.95

    The Weathersof gloves are designed with additional fabric in the thumb and palm patch, making them suitable for intense golf workouts. The incorporation of a soft mesh on the knuckles ensures comfort and ventilation throughout the day.

    One noteworthy aspect of the Weathersof glove is its availability in various sizes and flexibilities, allowing you to find the ideal fit for your hand. Nothing is more important than a comfortable glove that doesn't feel too tight or become uncomfortable after a few swings. Fortunately, the easy-to-adjust comfort closure eliminates concerns about the glove hindering your game.

    The FootJoy Women's Weathersof glove not only offers practicality but also showcases style and versatility. It is constructed with FiberSof material, which provides durability and affordability, catering to different budget ranges. Additionally, the glove delivers excellent grip, ensuring that your club remains secure during your swing.


    • Very comfortable and offers secure grip, excellent durability and versatility 
    • Attractive price point 


    • Doesn’t feel as luxurious or offer as great touch in the fingers as more premium, all-leather gloves 
    • Limited color options 

    11. Bionic Stable Grip (Natural Fit)
    Golf gloves | women | Bionic Stable Grip
    Price: $26.99

    The Bionic Stable Grip (Natural Fit) is a glove designed to enhance your performance and elevate your game on the green.

    A notable feature of this glove is its focus on providing additional padding in the pressure zones, which specifically caters to golfers dealing with arthritis. This glove not only improves your grip but also offers assistance to individuals with arthritis.

    Let's talk about the fit. The tapered design for the fingers creates a natural fit, making it feel as though the glove was custom-made for you. It provides a second-skin-like experience, allowing you to focus on your swing without any distractions.

    Now, let's dive into the technical details. The Bionic Stable Grip (Natural Fit) features superior moisture control, thanks to the mini towels inside the glove. This means no more sweaty and slippery hands during intense matches. The moisture-wicking technology ensures that your hands will stay cool and dry, enabling you to maintain a flawless grip and swing like a professional.

    Lastly, this glove is equipped with an easy grab tab for quick and simple removal. We all know how frustrating it can be struggling to take off a glove after a fierce game. With this glove, you'll be able to effortlessly take it off, impressing your competitors with your glove-removal skills. It offers a combination of speed, efficiency, and style.


    • The glove’s patented relief pad system helps even out the surface of your hand, allowing you to improve your grip with more control.
    • The glove is made of flexible and lightweight materials, making it comfortable to wear during games and training.
    • The Bionic Golf Gloves have already been approved by the USGA to be used by golfers in competitions and tournaments.


    • Not suitable for wet conditions
    • The glove is more expensive than other golf gloves on the market.
    • The glove needs to be replaced once it wears out.
      12. FINGER TEN Women’s Golf Glove with Ball Marker
      Golf Gloves | Women | Finger 10
      Price: $11.99

      The FINGER TEN Women's Leather Golf Glove with Ball Marker is an exceptional choice for professional players seeking optimum feel, unmatched grip, and softness, regardless of the climate or playing conditions.

      With strategic placement of Lycra spandex in the fingers, this glove offers enhanced flexibility and breathability, allowing for unrestricted movement and preventing sweaty hands. This means you can swing with ease and confidence, without any discomfort holding you back.

      Let's also consider the glove's practical features. It includes a removable ball marker that adds both fashion and convenience. No more searching for a marker when it's time to mark your ball. Simply detach it from the glove, mark your spot, and you're ready to continue your game. This saves you valuable time on the course while adding a touch of style.

      In addition to its performance and style, the FINGER TEN Women's Leather Golf Glove with Ball Marker offers a budget-friendly option. It is more affordable compared to expensive brand-name gloves that can strain your finances. This glove provides excellent quality without compromising your budget, offering the best of both worlds.


      •  Unmatched grip
      •  Removable ball marker
      •  Flexible and breathable


      • This glove has no cons
        13. Callaway Weather Spann Premium Synthetic Golf Glove
        Golf Gloves | Women | Callaway
        Price: $14.99

        The Callaway Weather Spann Premium Synthetic Golf Glove is designed with the needs of women golfers in mind – helping them enhance their game while maintaining a stylish look on the green. Crafted from high-quality Japanese synthetic material, this glove provides an excellent feel, flexibility, and increased durability.

        One notable feature of this glove is the 4-way stretch synthetic material on the knuckles. This not only contributes to advanced performance but also offers benefits such as moisture-wicking, breathability, and flexibility. Say goodbye to sweaty hands interfering with your swing!

        Now, let's discuss the fit. The Opti Fit adjustable closure ensures a thin, light, and secure fit, eliminating worries about slipping and sliding during your swings. Additionally, the stretch binding cuff is a game-changer, providing a secure feel and efficiently absorbing moisture.

        Another highlight of this glove is its emphasis on breathability. Perforations on the palm, top of the hand, and fingers promote airflow and reduce moisture buildup. You'll experience pure comfort without any clingy or sweaty hands.

        Last but not least, let's consider grip and durability. The reinforced palm patches enhance your grip, preventing your clubs from slipping out of your hands. Moreover, these patches also contribute to the overall durability of the glove, ensuring it withstands regular use.


        •  Great feel and flexibility
        •  Moisture-wicking and breathable
        •  Thin, light, and secure fit
        •  Increased grip and durability


        • The glove may wear down after a couple of months of regular use 
        • The gloves may also rip off after regular use .

        14. Glove It Women's Golf Glove
        Golf Gloves | Women | Glove it
        Price: $19.95

        The Glove It Women's Golf Glove is renowned for its exceptional combination of fashion and function. It boasts a stretchy Lycra fabric on the top and soft Cabretta Leather on the palm, providing a comfortable and secure grip for optimal performance on the course.

        In addition to its functional features, these gloves also prioritize protection. With UV50 sun protection, they shield your hands from harmful rays while maintaining a fashionable appearance. The breathability of the gloves also helps combat sweaty hands, ensuring a firm grip on the club, which is crucial for a successful game.

        Here's the exciting part—you have a wide range of sizes and vibrant prints to choose from when it comes to the Glove It Women's Golf Glove. This allows you to coordinate your glove with other accessories and gear from Glove It, adding a touch of style to your golfing attire.


        • Wearing a golf glove can help improve your grip on the club, which can lead to better shots.
        • Golf gloves can help prevent the formation of blisters and calluses on your hands, which can be painful and affect your performance.
        • A well-fitted glove can provide a snug feel without being overly tight, allowing for unrestricted movement in the fingers and wrist.


        • Hot and sweaty hands: Wearing a glove can make your hands feel hot and sweaty, especially on a hot day, which can be uncomfortable and affect your grip on the club.
        • Reduced feel and touch: Some players find that wearing a glove can affect their feel and touch when playing shots around the green.

        15. TaylorMade Stratus Tech Women's Golf Glove
        Golf Gloves | Women | Taylormade

          Price: $11.99

          The TaylorMade Stratus Tech Women's Golf Glove is a reliable choice for those long days on the golf course. It is designed with a durable combination of Hypertec and leather, ensuring wear-resistance and long-lasting performance.

          When it comes to fit and comfort, this glove excels. The 4-way stretch material, along with the leather and Hypertec construction, provides excellent flexibility and a snug fit. You'll appreciate how well this glove conforms to your hand, offering a personalized feel.

          What sets the TaylorMade Stratus Tech Women's Golf Glove apart is its durability. The combination of Hypertec and leather ensures that it can withstand the rigors of multiple rounds without showing signs of wear. Additionally, the grip provides a secure and reliable hold, instilling confidence in your swing.

          While the synthetic material used in this glove may add a slightly thicker feel compared to others, the benefits of durability and grip outweigh this factor. Moreover, with strategically placed micro perforations, the glove maintains breathability, allowing your hands to stay cool and comfortable.


          • Secure and comfortable fit 
          • Excellent durability 
          • Secure grip even when your hands get sweaty 


          • The synthetic material could be a little thinner 
          • No stretch panel across the knuckles 

          Frequently Asked Questions

          1. What size of golf glove should I get?

          When it comes to golf gloves, size matters. To determine your glove size, you'll want to measure your hand properly. Take a tape measure and wrap it around your hand just below the knuckles (excluding your thumb). The measurement in inches is your glove size. 

          2. Should I choose a leather or synthetic golf glove?

          Leather or synthetic, that is the question. While both have their pros and cons, it ultimately boils down to personal preference. Leather gloves tend to offer a luxurious feel and excellent grip, while synthetic gloves are often more durable and budget-friendly. 

          3. How long do golf gloves typically last?

          While it depends on factors like frequency of use and maintenance, most golf gloves tend to last anywhere from 10 to 20 rounds. Of course, the more you swing, the faster it may wear out. Take care of your golf glove to ensure its longevity. Avoid leaving it in extreme heat or direct sunlight, as it can cause the materials to deteriorate. And don't forget to give it the occasional clean, especially if you've been working up a sweat on the course.

          4. Can I wear a men's golf glove if I can't find a women's size that fits?

          If you're having a hard time finding a women's golf glove that fits just right, don't fret. While women's golf gloves are designed to match the unique shape of our hands, wearing a men's golf glove is an option to consider. It's important to keep in mind that the fit may not be as precise as with a women's glove. It's kind of like borrowing your partner's sweatshirt – it might be a bit loose, but it can still get the job done.

          5. Do I need to wear a golf glove on both hands? 

          While some golfers opt to wear a glove on both hands for added grip and consistency, it's not a requirement. Most golfers tend to wear a glove on their non-dominant hand (left hand for right-handed golfers, and vice versa) for that extra touch of control and feel.

          Golf gloves play a vital role in enhancing your game and boosting your confidence on the fairway. They are not just accessories but essential tools that can make a significant difference in your swing. Regardless of whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, wearing a well-fitting glove can elevate your performance. Think of it as a secret weapon nestled in the palm of your hand. Take advantage of the benefits that a reliable golf glove can offer and see the positive impact on your game.



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