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Our Fabrics: Touch it, Feel it, Wear it, Rock it.

Creating beautiful clothes should not come at the expense of our future. But in our consumption-overloaded society, can we really change the way we make and wear clothes? 

In 2020 during the height of the pandemic, two ballsy ladies accepted the challenge. That’s when FAIRMONDE™ was founded with a singular vision to disrupt the women’s golf wear scene by creating apparel that are just as sustainable as they are fashionable. 

For Joanne Chin and Jacqueline Lau, it was more than venturing into the business of making clothes. It’s about finding new ways to improve and do better, to minimize the impact on our environment and natural resources. 

And their timing couldn’t be better. Just look around us. Consumers are deliberately making the shift and moving away from fast fashion to more environmentally friendly options that can be both stylish and responsible at the same time. 

Research shows that 88% of consumers increasingly choose to stand behind brands that help them become more environmentally friendly. We all know the fashion industry sets out to create trends. Now, it’s working on its most important trend yet: sustainability.

As an apparel company,  FAIRMONDE™ is not only aware of this, sustainability is consciously embedded and woven into the fabric of our business decisions and everyday operations.Our founders believe that even the smallest improvements and the tiniest details, especially in our materials and processes can create a ripple effect for much-needed change in the world of fashion. 

Clothes are made from a wide range of different materials. Deciding which type of fabric to make a garment with is an important decision, as fabrics can have countless qualities. It all begins with selection. From timeless and multi-functional designs to vendors and partners with shared values and commitments, FAIRMONDE™ produces clothing that prioritizes and promotes environmental progress over profitability.

Let’s get down to the very core of our sustainable collections: the materials we use. Every FAIRMONDE™ piece is constructed from high quality fabrics that are the outcome of innovative and qualified research and testing. 

Painstakingly sourced and curated to our exacting requirements, our fabrics embody technical properties unmatched by other warp-knitted fabrics.

Our Fabrics are Ultra Comfortable 

The typical tri-dimensional elasticity of our fabrics and the high percentage of elastic fibre allows for perfect freedom of movement, impeccable wearability and maximum retention of shape even after repeated washes. 

The special structure, which is 50% thinner than traditional warp-knit fabrics, also makes our garments ultra-light and extremely pleasant against the skin.  

Our Fabrics are Breathable with Anti-Odour qualities 

The open honeycomb construction allows air to circulate between the fibres. Their breathable qualities make it cooler and more hygienic. The fabric is also equipped with anti-odour features that can withstand use for days without smelling bad.

Our Fabrics Do Not Pile 

With maximum resistance to rubbing, our garments maintain their original appearance and have a longer lifespan.

Our Fabrics Protects You from Harmful UV Rays

Using super-opaque premium microfibres, our fabrics cleverly filter the sun’s rays for higher levels of protection against the damaging effects of UV rays. This special treatment can’t easily be washed off nor replicated and its feature is unique to our brand, something we’re truly proud of.

Our Fabrics are Quick-Drying 

The extreme fineness and open-structured fabric construction means our garments tend to dry much faster than most moisture-wicking athletic wear. 


Our Fabrics are Chlorine-Resistant

The special knit construction with the elastic fibres makes our garments more durable and resistant to chlorine, salt, mold, sunscreen lotions and other corrosive agents.

Our Fabrics are Wrinkle-Free

With thickness reduced by 50% compared to similar fabrics, our garments are lighter and require minimum wardrobe and suitcase space, which minimizes the formation of creases. 

This also means no ironing is required, ensuring long-lasting quality, minimal maintenance, which saves time, money, resources while lowering environmental impact.


To achieve that uncompromising standard of quality, we only work with textile mills and suppliers that are aligned with our vision of sustainability. The process from selection to sampling, then testing and countless rounds of refining requires a lot of time, deliberation and is incredibly tedious, but worth all the effort. 

On top of construction and fit, we believe the material and fabrics used in your golf wear can make or break your game. That’s why we always put all the fabrics we choose to the test on- and off-course, assessing how they perform from every aspect of daily use, while taking into account the various activity levels and lifestyles of our consumers. 

As golfers who lead busy lives, Joanne and Jacqueline try everything on themselves because they believe if the clothes they make aren’t good enough for them, they’re not good enough for their customers.  

Ultimately, our fabrics combine the unique qualities of inventiveness and style. Selected not just for its performance but also for its persona, which distinguishes Italian-made products and our mission to show the potential for sustainable women’s golf fashion that looks good and does good.

Don’t just read about it, Shop FAIRMONDE™ and feel the difference. 



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