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Hole-in-One: Golf Accessories Gift Guide for Women

Fairmonde Golf | Mock Neck tops

Image from Fairmonde

Golf is a popular recreational activity and a great way to socialize. In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of women taking up golf - subsequently growing the demand for stylish and functional golf accessories. 

Whether she is a seasoned golfer or just starting out, golf accessories make great gifts for women who love the game. These accessories help ease their play and enhance their performance on the course, all while injecting a touch of style to their game.

In this guide, we will explore select golf accessories best given as gifts to women golfers - from versatile apparel to technology, we've got you covered.

Gift Your Gal: Golf Accessories for Women

Great golf accessories are functional and deliver excellent quality without sacrificing on style, a fact golfers can appreciate. Plus, who wouldn’t appreciate nifty accessories that could help you along the golf course?

Golf accessories are not just practical, but given as gifts shows your consideration and understanding of what it takes to play golf. Moreover, accessories like golf tote bags and golf gloves can enhance her overall golfing experience, making her feel more confident and comfortable on the course.

Gifting golf accessories need not be hard with this curated list that prioritizes the woman who loves golf.

1. Fairmonde Golf Essential Tote Bag

Fairmonde Golf | Tote bag | Beige

Image from Fairmonde Golf 

The stylish tote bag features a spacious button closure opening and an internal slip pocket, securely fitting your essentials whilst maintaining a premium feel. The bag is a fast favorite for the brand’s customers - this multi-use cotton canvas bag is perfect for carrying around with a golf bag.

The classy beige color additionally makes it a safe gift choice for both women and men.


  • Made from 100% cotton

  • Affordable price tag: $38..00

  • Roomy compartments within

  • Color variations available


  • Not machine washable

2. G/FORE Women’s Gallivanter Shoes

G/FORE Women’s Gallivanter Shoes | white

Image from CFMNL 

A golfer also needs a comfortable pair of golf shoes. Women's golf shoes are specifically designed to best fit delicate feet, to provide stability, flexibility, and support. 

Present her with shoes that fit well and have good traction, like tuxedo-stripe Gallivanter Golf Shoes, which have massaging nubs too.


  • Made with waterproof leather

  • Antimicrobial inner padding

  • Patented control technology cleat design

  • Removable leather tassel


  • Narrow size fit

  • Price exceeds $200

3. Fairmonde Golf Essential Bucket Hat

Fairmonde Golf | bucket hat | black


Image from Fairmonde Golf 

Suited to any weather, this is a functional accessory for any golfer, that is both soft and chic. Fairmonde Golf’s bucket hat stays put as it has an adjustable inner velcro band for a snug fit. Made entirely from cotton, this comfortable bucket hat comes in black and white, with a dainty monogrammed Fairmonde Golf logo.


  • Made from 100% cotton

  • Affordable price tag: $48.00

  • Different sizing options available


  • Only available in two colors

4. Bushnell PRO XE/X3 Advanced Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell PRO XE/X3 Advanced Laser Rangefinder

Image from Best Reviews

Despite being pricey, there are several incredible innovations for the avid golfer packed into this small metal gadget. The laser rangefinder is a golf staple for calculating precise distance information and can transform how you play golf.

She’ll be thrilled to carry this laser rangefinder around; it's additionally waterproof, backed with a magnetic mount, and interconnected with the brand’s trusted golf app.


  • Accurate slope adjustment readings

  • Portable design with backlit display monitor

  • Sturdy metal casing

  • Integrated magnetic mount


  • Issues with display settings

  • Poor app connectivity

5. Fairmonde Golf BirdieEssential Arm Sleeve

Faimonde arm sleeves | black

Image from Fairmonde Golf 

Arm sleeves are a comfortable yet practical addition to the sporty women's golf wear. The arm sleeves by Fairmonde Golf hits the mark with a stylish design and both cooling and sun-protective abilities - heaven-sent on hot days. The stretchable, breathable material is cut into sizes XS to XL, for a more inclusive product range.


  • Made from a stretchable, polyamide-LYCRA blend

  • Reasonable price tag: $58..00

  • Inclusive size range

  • Color variations available: White, Navy, Black


  • No design variations

6. PuttOut Premium Pressure Putt Trainer

Golf player with a putter in hand | hitting a golfball

Image from Sport Excellence

Polish putts with a foldable trainer that has a ramp and a notch for the golf ball - constructive and appealing design. This putting trainer ensures consistent putts and is a fun way to get some golf practice in.


  • Sturdy, premium design

  • Varied, portable training on- and off-course

  • Reasonable price: $40.00

  • Different colors available


  • Requires putt mat for optimum play

7. Fairmonde Golf Let’s Play Headcover

Fairmonde Golf | Lets play head cover

Image from Fairmonde Golf

Headcovers protect golf drivers from dents and scratches when not in use. The funky headcover by Fairmonde Golf envelops drivers in protective PU leather, and can be a standout fashion statement on the golf course.


  • Made from PU leather, with inner liner

  • Reasonable price tag: $90.00

  • No washing required


  • No color variations

  • Dirt/grime likely to show more on white cover

8. FootJoy HYPERFLX Golf Glove

footjoy | golf glove | women

Image from Golf Monthly

Performance golf gloves are engineered to provide the wearer with exceptional breathability, functionality, and durability. Hype your female golfer buddies with these soft leather gloves that have excellent perspiration resistance - key to a firm grip.


  • Patented mesh fit

  • Lightweight material composition

  • Soft and snug fit


  • No color variations available

 9. Fairmonde Golf Birdie Bucket Hat

Fairmonde Golf | birdie essential bucket hat | black

Image from Fairmonde Golf 

The Birdie Bucket Hat is similar in design to the Essential Bucket Hat by Fairmonde Golf: this hat also comes with an adjustable inner velcro band, part of its comfortable cotton make, and a cute embroidered logo on the front.


  • Made from 100% cotton

  • Affordable price tag: $48.00

  • Different sizing options available

  • Wearable on- and off-course


  • No color options

  • Not machine washable

 10. VIMHUE Women’s Sun Goddess Hat

Image from PGA Tour Superstore 

A golf hat that is breathable and offers ponytail freedom is every female golfer’s dream. This satin baseball cap by VIMHUE features a stylish design that allows for a variety of hairstyles, complete with cap stability and UV protection capabilities for intense outdoor sports.


  • Feather-light fabric, tailor-made for women

  • Soft velcro closures

  • Affordable price: $29.00

  • Large color variation available

  • Cooling material withUPF50+ protection

11. Fairmonde Golf Birdie Headcover

Fairmonde golf | birdie headcover | black

Image from Fairmonde Golf

Physical and UV protection come together in the Birdie Headcover as it shields her golf drivers from pesky damage. This sleek accessory is made of extra fine materials and is thankfully environmentally-friendly as well.


  • Made from a polyamide-LYCRA blend

  • Reasonable price tag: $90.00

  • Easy to clean


12. Repel Black & Pink Golf Umbrella

Repel Umbrella | Black and Pink

Image from Repel Umbrella

A favorite of customers, Repel’s offering is constructed with an automatic open/close button in addition to special inversion technology that prevents the ribs from breaking during strong winds.Although large, this golf umbrella is thankfully made of lightweight materials, and easy to carry on the green.


  • Automatic open/close function

  • Extra large size

  • Lightweight and durable

  • Quick-drying canopy

  • Lifetime replacement guarantee


  • Sells out quickly

13. Fairmonde Golf Ball Marker

Ball Marker | golf

Image from Daily Trojan

Ball markers facilitate a golf game by acting as a temporary placeholder and prevents accidental moving of the golf ball. Ease her game with the help of a cute ball marker as a gift, so she can accurately line up her putt on the green.


  • Magnetic and secure attachment

  • Reasonable price tag: $32.00

  • Refreshing designs available: Welcome To The Club Ball Marker, Let’s Play Ball Marker, Birdie Ball Marker


  • No color options

14. Blast Golf Swing Analyzer

Blast Golf | swing analyzer

Image from Golf Swing Systems UK

The golf swing analyzer is another small device that attaches to your club and provides real-time feedback on your swing mechanics, tempo, and clubhead speed. It's like having a personal golf coach right at your fingertips. Gift a swing analyzer that is compatible with her smartphone for easy data tracking and analysis, like the Blast Golf Swing Analyzer.


  • Impressive feedback of statistical data for golfers

  • App connectivity enabled

  • Reasonable price: $179.95


  • No instruction manual for use

  • Sensor does not screw into the putter grip

15. Weatherman Golf Lite Umbrella

Weatherman Golf Lite Umbrella

Image from LPGA Women’s Network

Weatherman golf umbrellas are the ultimate accessory for anyone who needs complete weather protection. These umbrellas are constructed from lightweight materials that still provide ample sun protection and water-repellant capabilities.

Ladies will like the canopy mesh pocket and reflective trim features for storage and visibility in the dark, respectively


  • Ergonomic handle for better control

  • Withstands strong winds

  • Lightweight and versatile

  • Affordable price: $90.00

  • Available in different colors including pink

  • Reinforced ribs to hang small items


  • Manual open

  • Not hands-free

How Can I Choose?

To ease the gifting process, consider the following factors when selecting golf accessories: First, determine her skillset and preferences. A woman who is a beginner golfer will need different accessories than an experienced player. It’s also likely that she’d be partial to accessories that are more practical than stylish or vice versa, as a beginner.

Next, consider the quality and durability of the accessories. Investing in high-quality items may cost a bit more initially but will save you money in the long run as they tend to last longer. Read reviews and seek recommendations from fellow golfers to ensure you're purchasing reliable products as gifts.

Consider personalizing the golf accessories beforehand like engraving her initials on a golf ball marker, or customizing a golf towel with her name.- this makes the gift more special and meaningful.

The woman golfer in your life needs essential and practical golf accessories to excel in her game. You can do one better and gift her accessories that not only enhance her performance on the course but also showcases her personal style. 

These 15 golf accessories are just a smidgen of others out there that can make her golfing experience even more enjoyable - you can get to choosing the best one.


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