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Our Story

About Fairmonde

Women’s golf apparel seamlessly worn both on- and off-course in a versatile aesthetic that combines technology and performance with style and sophistication. This is how FAIRMONDE™ came to be.

Launched in 2022, our collection, designed with premium Italian-made materials in sporty and understated colour palettes, distinctively stands out from the sea of mass-produced women’s golf wear. From fresh-faced beginners to seasoned pros, our brand speaks to the tone of a new breed of women golfers, ready to set roots in a game of class and dignity.

Fair, derived from the word ‘fairway’ referring to the closely mown area most ideal for landing that perfect shot. For us, this is our zone, our runway. Monde meaning ‘world’ in French, is the orb or jewel situated at the very top of a crown where the half arches meet. To us, this represents the world we would build where our community can flourish and shine. Put together, our name, FAIRMONDE™ knows no barriers. It stands for our commitment, reminding us that we are at the precipice of change.

Driven by our passion to grow one of the greatest games of all time, FAIRMONDE™ is about empowering women to excel in an inherently male-dominated sport. Our philosophy of inclusivity, sustainability and equality focuses on positively impacting people, our environment and ultimately, the game. This is our platform to inspire achievement and transformation, where we set the foundation and pave a smoother path for our next generation of women golfers. 

Blurring the lines of sportswear and fashion apparel, FAIRMONDE™ is setting a trend for golf culture to be perceived as part of an active and healthy lifestyle. Golf may be a game steeped in tradition, but times are changing and we are at the forefront of its evolution.

Welcome to Fairmonde, Let's Play


Our Founders

The future doesn’t belong to the privileged few, it belongs to a diverse group of people who are courageous enough to fight to make a place for their voices to be heard and their passions to be built. For our co founders - Jacqueline and Joanne, this is exactly what they set out to do. 

Although they come from different backgrounds – Jacqueline in finance and sports, Joanne in creative, branding and business – they both shared common values from the very get-go. Bound by their urge to empower women and to raise awareness about gender inequality, they knew that for golf to make progress, changes had to be made. 

Their first order of business is to rebrand the image of golf, starting with women’s golf apparel. Next comes the heavy lifting by way of spotlighting female events and women golfers for the recognition they truly deserve. Ultimately, their goal is to build a brand that drives and supports progress towards a sustainable future for the game free from prejudice for our next generation of players.

Ironically, golf is a game of honor and integrity. It builds character and teaches you life lessons in endurance and resilience. Even as the non-sporty type, like myself was immediately drawn into the world of golf because of these very traits.

As an avid golfer myself, and my partner Jacqueline Lau as a pro golfer, who experienced the inequality in the female golf game. We feel there is a need to create a community to support each other in the industry and hopefully as a brand we will be powerful enough to create changes and impacts towards the industry. There are so many things that we need to do and help the female golf industry as well as our future gen.

We are creating something different, to bring in technology but sustainable material (natural approach) and the end life of the garment. We are doing this not only for Mother Earth but also for our future generation, we know that that is a responsibility as an apparel brand, and we would like to influence our peers to do so too.

This is more than just a simple project to develop and sell apparel. It was about challenging ourselves to step out of our comfort zone, constantly growing just like what we experienced in the golf game as well as our life.

Hopefully with @fairmondegolf ladies will shine on the fairway confidently as if it is the golfers’ runway.

Golf is a lifetime sport that should be equally accessible to everyone, no matter your gender. And as two women dared to dream of shrinking the gap of inequality, we believe more women can dream bigger.

Co-founder, Joanne

“One woman alone is powerful, together we’re impactful.”

There is a phrase that says Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots, you get good breaks from bad shots, but you have to play the ball where it lies, as it is with how life goes on.

My life has evolved around golf ever since I was young, it has given me so many opportunities in my education, career and life. With a golf scholarship to study in the US, job opportunities abroad as well as back home, and now creating my very own golf apparel brand.

More than just apparel, Fairmonde is about giving an opportunity for women from all walks of life to experience the game of golf in a fun environment without feeling intimidated by a male-dominated sport.

I have often experienced gender inequality in the game. Tournament goodie bags only give out male sized shirts, and female winnings are always paid less than the amount of male winnings despite playing in the same field. This gap has discouraged females from participating in the game.

Ever since volunteering at the First Tee Fort Worth USA event 2015, my heart was set on growing the game for todays generation of women golfers. I have always enjoyed giving back to the golf community.

“One woman alone is powerful, together we’re impactful.” Fairmonde is about creating a supportive community for female of all ages to experience the greatest game of all time.

Co-founder, Jacqueline


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