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Unwrapping The True Meaning of Christmas Gift-Giving

It’s been nearly 2 years since our last real Christmas celebration. Will this year be the same in our new normal world? But then again, what’s normal these days anyway? Normal would be hosting an over-the-top party with a guest list consisting of everyone on your contacts, including their plus ones and maybe even their kids. It’s a full house, Christmas is a family event after all. New Normal on the other hand, looks quite a bit different, with more intimate get-togethers of family and close friends. It may be a lot more subdued and low-profile, but isn’t that what Christmas should be all about? 

Truthfully, we kinda prefer things this way--reconnecting with those nearest and dearest, rather than the people you follow on IG and TikTok who may or may not know your last name.  

Something that hasn’t quite changed however, is the incessant need to overspend on gifts. And who can blame us? As consumers, we’re constantly bombarded with ads and marketers driving us to stores or online to fill up our shopping carts. Deals, promos and those double digit sales constantly shouting at us to start spending and keep on spending throughout the month of December to manifest a Christmas of abundance and cheer. 

Happiness is opening Christmas presents

Christmas may be the jolliest time of the year until the bills start arriving and you realize you've maxed out your credit cards and burned through cash like chestnuts on an open fire. You’ll be stunned to know just how much the average Christmas shopper spends on gifts for their loved ones (and for themselves). Much of it is because it’s the end of year and many of us just want to splurge on something as a reward for working hard all year. That’s not a bad thing, right? Well yes and no. Think about it. Why do we need stuff to feel happiness? If anything, what we need more of, is less! This isn’t about being a Grinch or cancelling Christmas or an intervention to convert you into minimalism. It’s about breaking out of a consumer mindset that demands for us to constantly buy things, no matter how unnecessary these things may be.

But wait... Isn’t this article supposed to offer Christmas gift ideas? Of course we have gift suggestions to share, just maybe not exactly the kind that you were expecting. Or the kind you can easily pick out at the store or have prepackaged and delivered in a box, all wrapped up in a nice red bow or anything. 

Still interested? Read on! 

Here’s our idea of the best Christmas gift(s) you can get someone who’s into Golf or pretty much anyone at all:  


So many of us have gotten too used to receiving or giving material things and objects that we’ve completely forgotten the true meaning of gift-giving. A non-material gift can come from the giving of yourself or your time. 

Instead of buying the hottest kitchen appliance for your mom, taking her out every Sunday for a lovely meal would make her even happier. The effort and thought behind non-material gift-giving carries so much more value, they’re practically priceless. 

Time to make something special to your loves one


If you know someone who has everything they need, consider donating to a cause or charity on their behalf. Just make sure you find a charity that is meaningful for the recipient, this is crucial. 

There are also brands that offer charity gift cards, allowing your gift recipient to select the charity of their choice. Isn’t this a much more meaningful gift option than adding another fancy accessory to your boss’ already gigantic collection? 

Caring has the gift of making the ordinary special


Over these past 2 years of lockdown, many of us discovered hidden talents and gained new skills. Now is your chance to shine! Show off your culinary prowess with a lovely Christmas bundt cake your whole extended family would relish and enjoy. 

Or gift one of your many potted plants that you’ve lovingly nurtured and groomed to your bestie who will treasure and care for it immensely, just as you did

There is no better feeling than something you have created with your own two hands


Ever heard of the term, ‘oldie but a goldie’Treasures are all around us--in thrift stores, vintage boutiques and online resale sites. But they can also be easily overlooked because we’re always so wrapped up in buying the latest and newest thing out there, no matter the cost to our environment. 

This holiday season, let’s try to find a non-new gift instead, something delightful that reflects a person’s obsessions and passions. We promise the experience will be more than rewarding and so good for our planet, too. Double Win!

Something that's old, but classic

So you see, we truly don’t need anything new, shiny or wrapped up in a box to feel the joy of Christmas. All we need is the company of those nearest and dearest, a warm and festive meal to savour together and the precious gift of making more priceless memories. 

And that is what we call, A Very Merry Christmas! 



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