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Fairmonde’s Playbook to an A-Game in Life: Work Hard, Play Harder!

To be professionally successful is a common goal among today’s modern woman, and in this generation, more women than ever before are dominating the workforce, determined to climb their way to success.

But women also tend to work much harder throughout their lives compared to men. We have to prove ourselves, after all. Some women clock in 50 to 60 hours per week and often have very little time for themselves to relax and get recharged. Let’s stop this cycle of self-neglect, girlfriends! At Fairmonde, we believe in the ‘work hard, play harder’ mantra. This simply means maintaining a healthy balance between what you do for a living and what you do to enjoy living.

Easier said than done, right? Wrong! Always remember, you’re worth the effort! Although most Fairmonders describe their lifestyle with the phrase 'Work Hard, Play Harder', until recently there's been no real proof that those who push themselves in their careers are also driven to succeed in their hobbies and passions.The ‘work hard, play hard’ manifesto has been around for a long time and a lot of what we know about it is probably true even if they can’t be scientifically justified.

Think about it: isn’t there always a strong link between accomplishment and leisure? Both are correlated with mortality salience, which suggest that understanding death influences whether you’re motivated to succeed in life. It’s biological.

So is there a link between desire for success in both work and play? Although this hasn’t been scientifically proven, it may have something to do with the motivations that drive our life choices.

Women who work hard, really do play harder. For us, it isn’t just a motto to guide our lifestyles--it’s a maxim that has pushed us further to reach our fullest potential… to be productive, to be fulfilled, to be happy, to be go-getters. So what are the rules all Fairmonders swear by and live by? Honestly, they’re all pretty simple. So much so that once you’ve fully adopted them, they truly become your way of living.

Rule #1 : Never bring home work

Credits: Darius Foroux

Although hard work and success are relational, the lines between your professional and personal life should never be blurred. We call this ‘Zoning’.

When you’re at work, focus on being at work and accomplish the goals and tasks you’ve set out to achieve. Minimize your distractions and stay on track. You’re in the ‘Work Zone’ now, so give it your all, put in 110 percent.

But once you’ve stepped out of the office or your work setting, check out entirely. You’re now in the ‘Free Zone’ and this is where things get fun. Hey, it’s your life, remember? So choose what you wanna do that makes you truly happy. Choose, you say? Our Fairmonde ladies want to do it all!

Rule #2 : Spend your time wisely

“I don’t have time for…” Admit it, we’re all guilty of making this lame excuse. It’s not so much that we don’t have the time, it’s more like we don’t know where the time went. Our modern, career women of today are so often bombarded with a to-do list that never seems to end. We geddit, you want to conquer the world, but let’s try to be a bit more selective with what we want to take on, shall we?

Prioritising what we want to focus our energies on is a smart way to reach an even higher level of content and accomplishment. You can’t really get away from planning your day and schedule in advance though. So ladies who like to “go with the flow” take note!

Successful women are usually productive because they manage their time well. They prioritize the tasks (and people) that matter to them most first. When you get what you want to do most checked off, you’ll be surprised just how much time you’ll have left to spare.

Rule #3 : Your health, your wealth

So, we’re not talking about a new breakthrough discovery here; more
like a tried and true fact. Recognizing the direct correlation between health and wealth should not be overlooked. After all, Fairmonde is all about living an active, mindful and meaningful lifestyle.

You may spend money on sneakers, smoothies, supplements and so on. But, your health and mental wellbeing is an investment that could pay dividends for you down the road. You don’t have to shock your system by making major changes in your habits right away. Do it over time, gradually.

Bottomline is, healthy people stay productive for longer and have stronger brain power. Working hard and playing hard requires energy, so healthy energy levels are often necessary. If you cultivate good healthy habits today, your future self will thank you for it.

Rule #4 : Be in love with what you do

We all know this by heart. If there’s anything we’ve learned these past couple of years living through the pandemic, it’s that life is just too short. We all don’t know what tomorrow will bring or where we'll end up. So why waste our time doing anything less than what makes us truly happy?

But why stop at just ‘happy’? We should all be aiming to be truly, madly, deeply ‘in love’ with everything that we choose to spend our lives doing. Studies have shown that happy people tend to earn higher salaries, and these high earners are happy because they have jobs they love. Enjoying what you do for a living is so much more important than earning a high salary or a flashy title.

And that goes the same for everything outside of work. We know plenty of ladies who brave the heat on course, not because they want to sweat it out, but because they truly love golf!

Work, Play and Live by these 4 rules, and you’re GOLDEN 


Live each day like it counts, and remember, it’s your choice. Your best life is unique to you. Don’t compare yourself to others – focus on living your best life, and enjoy the learning, exploration, and experiences along the way. Oh yeah, be sure to squeeze in the time and energy to play a lot of golf too!


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